How we helped KPN save € 500 million

Higher return on investment

For years, utilities customers only had one option for service provisions. Nowadays, utility companies are engaging in competition to provide the best service and services.  

Digital transformation helps utility companies meet customers’ demands. Consider an optimal digital experience for customers and partners, whereby the lead to cash process will proceed much smoother and faster than before. That will result in increased orders and a greater return on investment.   

Furthermore, the 360-degree customer view of every relationship provides a complete overview of the purchased services and the outstanding service requests to provide customers with the best service.  

Our Salesforce Industries Experts, better known as “Wolves”, support enfergy & utility companies in the implementation of a digital transformation. All our Wolves have successfully completed our Wolf Academy giving them a broad base of knowledge and expertise to support your organization in getting the maximum value from your Salesforce Industries implementation.

Salesforce Industries Utilities

When to add a Wolf to your team?

Your organisation has invested heavily and has the Salesforce Industries platform. However, you are unable to use the qualities to the full or you do not have the knowledge and expertise available. Our Wolves understand the utility sector and are ready to provide your team with support. Our years of experience and internal certified training courses will make your digital transformation a success.    

Our customers achieve the following benefits:

  • Higher order volume;
  • Higher customer & partner satisfaction;
  • Higher return on investment.
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Benefits of working with a Salesforce Industries Expert

  • Faster: Optimal use of OOTB, means short Time to Value.
  • Better: Reducing the number of customizations results in fewer issues so high delivery.
  • Highest ROI: lower development costs and high usability results (due to less customization, so fewer issues).

What else can our Wolves do?

  • Data migration;
  • CICD implementation;
  • Test automation;
  • Development;
  • Architecture design.
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Curious as to how we achieve these benefits for our customers?   

If you are you responsible for a digital transformation with the help of the Salesforce Industries platform, we will be happy to share with you how we can make that a success. Mail us or complete our contact form so that we can contact you.


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