How we helped KPN save € 500 million

KPN wins TMforum Excellence Award

Bouke Hoving, at that time the CIO of KPN, quickly found out that qualified experts are an essential component in digital transformations of this order. He decided to call on Frank van Meegen who, at that time, worked as a freelancer and later became the founder of WolfTech. By making smart use of the TMforum framework, which is a reputable framework for the creation of a sound IT landscape in telecom companies, KPN ultimately ended up winning the TMforum Excellence award.

The results of KPN’s B2B transformation program include:

  • A 47-point increase in NPS for KPN EEN Business
  • 250 percent growth in orders
  • 57 percent reduction in delivery cost 
  • 64 percent reduction in service cost
  • €500M cost savings (2014-2017)

Vlocity and KPN Win ‘TM Forum Excellence’ Award for Best Digital Business Transformation Program

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The expertise of WolfTech 

In part because of our many years of experience and high level of certification, here at WolfTech we have comprehensive knowledge of Salesforce, Vlocity and TMforum. As a result of our specialization in digital transformations in telecom companies, and our broad technical product knowledge, we ensure that our customers save a lot of money. For example, KPN realized a cost savings of 500 million euro, and the digital transformation resulted in a 250% increase in customer orders. The company’s net promoter score, an important score within the telecom sector that indicates how willing a customer would be to recommend a company to family and friends, rose by 47 points as well. 

By involving WolfTech in your digital transformation with Salesforce Industries you can count on the following benefits: 

  • Faster: through the optimal use of out-of-the-box functionality the system is much quicker to start providing value. 
  • Better: reducing the number of custom adaptations guarantees the quality and usability of the system. 
  • Cost efficient: less customization means fewer developers, resulting in lower total costs and a higher return on investment
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About the TMforum Excellence Award

The TMforum Excellence Award is awarded annually to companies with outstanding developments in the area of operations, digital transformations and customer service. The total number of awards is issued on the basis of 6 themes, which are announced during the Digital Transformation World Series. 

Digital transformation by Wolf Tech 

If you’re looking for a smoother digital transformation in the telecom sector don’t hesitate to call us to discuss the possibilities. We can be contacted on and via the contact form on our website.

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