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Next generation insurance 

Digital transformation is a necessity for insurance companies to offer an excellent customer experience and to stay ahead of competitors. Organisations that don’t digitally transform will lag behind competitors.   

Furthermore, it is vital for insurance companies to have a 360-degree customer view. A  complete overview of all policies and the tools to directly serve a customer when closing new or changing existing policies.    

Salesforce Industries solutions help accomplish this digital transformation. Experienced Salesforce Industries Experts are vital to lead this transformation to success. WolfTech offers this expertise through its WolfTech Academy

All Wolves have successfully completed our Wolf Academy giving them the greatest possible expertise to advise and support your organisation with the aim of realising the highest attainable result within the shortest possible time.    

Salesforce Industries Insurance

What can a Wolf do for you?

Are you setting up a new Salesforce team or is there a vacancy in your current team? Do you need additional knowledge and expertise or are you dissatisfied with how your digital transformation is progressing? We have the best people to complement or lead your team.

Our highly skilled Wolves can assist you with the implementation of Salesforce based on their experience. They understand the insurance sector and add exactly the knowledge and expertise needed to make your digital transformation a success.  

Our customers achieve the following benefits:

  • Higher order volume;
  • Higher customer & partner satisfaction;
  • Higher return on investment.
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Benefits of working with a Salesforce Industries Expert

  • Faster: Optimal use of OOTB, means short Time to Value.
  • Better: Reducing the number of customizations results in fewer issues so high delivery.
  • Highest ROI: lower development costs and high usability results (due to less customisation, so fewer issues).

What else can our Wolves do?

  • Data migration;
  • CICD implementation;
  • Test automation;
  • Development;
  • Architecture design.
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Curious as to how we achieve these benefits for our customers?  

If you are responsible for a digital transformation with the help of the Salesforce Industries platform, we will be happy to share with you how we can make that a success. Mail us or complete our contact form so that we can contact you.


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