How we helped KPN save € 500 million


Salesforce Industry Experts for the (tele)communications industry.

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Salesforce Industry Experts for the insurance industry.

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Energy & Utilities

Salesforce Industry Experts for the utilities industry.

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When to choose Wolftech?

Are you using Salesforce Industries or Salesforce Services, but struggling to implement the platform successfully? Our highly-skilled Salesforce Industries Experts can help you with the following:

  • Faster: Optimal use of OOTB, means short Time To Value.
  • Better: Reducing the number of customization, results in fewer issues so high delivery.
  • Highest ROI: fewer development costs and high usability results (because of less customization, so fewer issues).
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''It’s simple to make IT complex. It’s complex to make IT simple.''

Bouke Hoving
Former CIO KPN

“Highly skilled experts are crucial to our success.”

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