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In the telecom industry, digital transformation is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Both customers and partners expect an efficient, effective digital experience to keep them from turning to competing providers.

For telecom companies, it’s important to have a full 360-degree view of every relationship. That requires a transformation from working in silos to a single, complete BSS and OSS system.


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To make this digital transformation a success, WolfTech offers driven Salesforce Industries Experts, better known as ‘Wolves’. All of our ‘Wolves’ have extensive experience and excellent technical and soft skills.

All of our Wolves have gone through our WolfTech Academy, giving them a broad base of knowledge and expertise to support your organization in getting maximum value from your Salesforce Industries implementation.

Even after the digital transformation has been successfully implemented, our Wolves are ready to provide support. By continuously optimizing, we can guarantee that organizations have the best possible strategy and implementation.

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When to choose a Wolf?

Does your organization make use of Salesforce Industries, but still lacks the right knowledge and skills to get the most value out of the platform? Get the most out of your Salesforce Industries platform and sive time and money with our highly skilled Salesforce Industries Experts. 

Our Wolves understand the telecom industry. They can bring the right knowledge and expertise to make your digital transformation a success.  

Our customers enjoy benefits that include:

  • Higher order volume
  • Higher customer & partner satisfaction
  • Higher return on investment
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Benefits of working with a WolfTech Salesforce Industries Expert

  • Faster: Optimal use of out of the box, which means shorter Time To Value.
  • Better: Reducing the amount of customization results in fewer issues and high delivery.
  • Highest ROI: lower development costs and high usability results (thanks to reduced customization, resulting in fewer issues).

What else can our Wolves do?

  • Architecture design;
  • Development;
  • Test automation;
  • Data migration;
  • CICD implementation;
  • Quality review.

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Looking to strengthen your Salesforce team? Our Wolves will make sure your digital transformation is a success.

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